Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Find the Courage to Belt Out Touch my Body

I do not know anyone who does not want soft, touchable skin. It really is the key to a beautiful body. Lush's Buffy Body Butter was originally intended for the nether regions but is now recommended for all the goods. It contains fair trade Cocoa Butter (yay fair trade!) and Shea Butter for intensely decadent moisture as well as lavender and lemon oils to penetrate skin cells quickly. This butter also employs ground almonds, rice, and aduki beans to exfoliate shedding skin cells to keep pores from clogging. This product is super eco-friendly too. It's vegan. (Non-Dairy Brownie Points!!!) And its solid bar formula allows it to be free of preservatives! After testing it out in store I must say my right arm has never felt softer. Simply rub it on yourself in the bath or shower in a circular motion, rinse with warm water, pat yourself damp, and air dry (if possible.) You will be singing "Touch My Body" into your hairbrush in no time.

Lush Buffy Body Butter-$10.75-$21.35

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