Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beauty Icon: Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby

In 1978, Brooke Shields captivated movie goers awith her youthful, delicate beauty in Pretty Baby. Typical of Louis Malle's penchant for haunting stories about children their corrupt worlds, Shields plays the young daughter of a Storyville prostitute who befriends and ultimately marries Bellocq. As the title of the movie suggests, Shields was indeed the image of delicate youth, with a porceline skin, berry stained cheeks and lips, and shining soft-focus hair.

Face: The perfect canvas for a fresh youthful look like this is one that is, well, fresh and youthful. To achieve this, wash your face with a cleanser that fits your skin type. Make sure your skin is properly moisturized so that it is matte but dewy--not shiny, dewy. This means that your skin has a healthy balence of oil on it be it natural sebum or a light moisturizer.

Brows: Put down the tweezers please! Shields was known for her thick, dark brows. This doesn't require much effort. However, if you've been rocking Kate Moss style brows, then you can benefit from a little improvising.
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara keeps brows in place all day. Swipe brows upward to make them appear larger. Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara- $4.49

Eyes: For true dollface lashes in real life, nix the eyeliner and stick with a thick, volumizing mascara.
Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara contains beeswax which creates a thick formula that really plumps up even the scantest of lashes. Apply to top lashes for a wide-eyed effect. Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara-$20

Cheeks: Every self-respecting dollface wouldn't be complete without a set of rosy cheeks! To keep from looking like a child with make-up on (no pun intended), opt for a lighter cheek color than your lip color. Cheek stains and cream blushes provide a natural-looking, soft, coloring. Apply by circling your ring finger on the apple of your cheek and moving in a spiral along the bone towards your temple getting lighter as you go.

The more sober sister to the rose-colored Benetint, Benefit's Posietint provides a peachy-pink stain for cheeks. It does not contain oil but rather glycerin which tends to dry out skin so it will last for a very long time. Just remember to moisturize well! Benefit Posietint-$28

Talk about natural! Smashbox's O Glow Cheek color employs Gogi Berry which is said to stimulate microcirculation. This means that the blood circulating through blood vessels in your cheeks will cerculate faster causing them to appear redder. This is what happens when you blush. My sister, my friend, and I all use this product everyday and it gives each of us a different color. A clear gel that changes color upon contact with your skin, O Glow is a gentle product that is easy to apply and clean off at night. It also contains pomegranate seed oil which will help to create a softer finish for dry skin. Smashbox O Glow Intuitive Cheek Color with Gogi Berry-C Complex. -$26

Lips: For a trembling, youthful pout use a sheer lip balm or stain with a matte finish.

The layer of skin on your lips is very thin and fragile. It's so thin in fact, it is transperent, allowing you to see the blood vessels inside making them appear redder than the rest of your face. Benetint Lip balm contains SPF 15 and vitamin E which works as an antioxidant by protecting the few skin cells on your lips from UV light and photoaging. Not to mention this lip balm has a gorgeous rose colored tint worthy of a china doll. Benefit Benetint Lip balm SPF 15-$20

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