Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turn Back Time with Vitamin C

If you have recently gained or lost weight, are starting to get older, or just want to look even more amazing in your new Tibi Bikini (as seen in here ) You probably have loose skin and long for the firmness and spring you once had (or never had but you can totally work towards it!) The answer is...wait for it...Vitamin C!  Yeah like in orange juice! Vitamin C is known to help with collagen synthesis.  Collagen, a protein,  is essentially what keeps our skin together.  It lies deep withing the dermis where along with elastin, forms into long fibers and binds the skin cells together like a web.  This gives skin its stretch.  Without it your skin would never be able to stand facial expressions on any type of physical stretch or movement.  in fact it would not stay intact.  Vitamin C is not oil soluble so it will probably have a hard time dissolving into your skin if applied topically.  However, you can still reap its wonderful tightening benefits by enjoying a diet rich in Vitamin C.  


  1. great post! Also (of course), am loving that TIBI suit :-)

  2. LOVE the blog =]

    Vitamin C is quite the super vitamin!

    La C.