Friday, March 13, 2009

Beauty is a Science

Hello all! You might remember me from my two other blogs: Bonnie Klyde Says..., a collection of poetry, prose, and the like, or Nouvoletta,  my fashion and shopping blog.  For those of you who do not know me I go by Bonnie Klyde and La Biologie is my third blog.  The purpose of this blog is a  project for my biology class.  The goal or the project is to find out what different ingredients in skin care products do to your skin and why your skin needs those functions to occur. For example, the Febuary issue of Vogue named Papaya "nature's D.I.Y. enzyme mask" My task would be to get to the bottom of that. What enzyme is in papaya? What effect does it have on skin? Why does our skin need to be affected in such a way? After grading I want to turn it into a full blown beauty blog! I've always adored make up and want to try out new products and looks. 

I chose this name because I will try to ground essential topics with scientific fact. (I picked the feminine article because I am a feminist through and through.) 

Hope you all like this blog.  If you have any queries or comments please let me know and I will try to feature them in a post! 

Peace, Love, and a Decadent Moisturizer, 

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  1. Your blog is fantastic! Informative, witty and nicely organized. Please keep the entries coming!

    ~Ms. Vermillion